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My Online Writing Diranda

Archive of Our Own: Diranda

Writing Software I Use

RoughDraft 3.0 (I live on this program.  It’s old, yes and he doesn’t update it anymore, but he’s made it available here for however long he can, and it’s the best damn writing software I have ever used.  He’s a writer and made it for writers.  And it runs on ANYTHING.  Linux/MacOS users can run it on Wine without issues.)

Word Web (The best thesaurus on the web.  Install it with RD and you have a kick-ass in-document thesaurus at your fingertips.)

FocusWriter (I don’t use this as much as I do RD, but it’s really useful for distraction-free writing if you don’t get distracted by customizing all the themes you can use for this thing! Another writing program written by a writer for writers.)

MS Word (You know where to get this.) (Duh.  You can use OpenOffice or LibreOffice for the same thing.  I just mainly have it for editing and desktop publishing.  Most editors won’t look at a MS unless you can give them a .doc version for markdown.  Even I prefer Word for professional edits.  It’s got a decent markup system that makes working with a client much easier.  It’s also nice for general formatting before you send something out.)


Shadowstar Design: sound design, artist
VintageCassettes: artist


LGR (Patreon)

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