Welcome to Diranda Studios

Diranda Studios is back!
This site is where I’ll keep information on my Dirandan Chronicles series of novels, my art and journal about writing, art and hopefully cosplay and conventions. 

Diranda Studios started as a website written and coded by myself in 1996, where I collected information about my original science fiction universe and the stories and novels written within it, which I called The Dirandan Chronicles.  

In 2004, I was able to achieve ebook publication of several of the novels under the psudonym Tabitha Bradley, however due to frustrations within the industry and the lack of active promotion by my publishers, I finally retired the books from publication in 2010.

I’ve never really wanted to give up on this universe, and though I moved on to writing fanfiction in the Portal and Gravity Falls universes, I continue to think about Diranda and all of the amazing characters who live there and in the other parts of the Chronicles universe.  I hope to be able to share this universe with people again and I’m always hoping that others might want to share in it as well.

Art on this site will be credited to the respective artist, but will mostly consist of art by myself, NinaThePink and my daughter (aka VintageCassettes)