Aperture Science Laboratories

Aperture Science Laboratories

WELCOME, TEST SUBJECTS, TO APERTURE SCIENCE LABORATORIES, Your Trusted Friend In Science! Where we throw science against the wall, to see what sticks, we don’t make lemonade and the cake is most certainly NOT a lie! Where we do what we must because we can and Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt…

What we have here is a fully functioning Science Lab which can also be used as a (very expensive) Residential Lot. Keeping in the Aperture Science theme, we have test chambers, the Central AI (and an elaborate suite for GLaDOS Sims), Test Subject storage and Relaxation Vaults and storage for your Core Androids should you need it.

This lot is 50 x 50, built entirely with native Sims 4 assets (and packs).  It has NOCC, though I highly advise adding the CC listed below to enhance the gameplay experience.  You may note that the Gallery states it includes items from the new Star Wars expansion pack.  These are entirely cosmetic and be easily replaced if you’d like.  In fact, I’d recommend replacing the Supply Crate Side Table with Companion Cube CC.  It’s easily swapped out in Build Mode.  You can find this object in Test Chamber 1 on Sublevel 2 and in Rattman’s Den on Sublevel 1.  If you don’t have the Star Wars pack, they won’t appear in either room, so you’re free to replace them at your leisure.

It looks like most of the Custom Content (Chell’s Boots, certain Aperture items) I use in my regular game play is no longer available online.  I’ll link what is currently available below and update as I come across more.  Please remember, you don’t need any custom content or mods to play with Aperture Science!  All you need is the game and content packs it comes with.  Granted, it does use a lot of Pack content, but it’s designed to work with only what EA has made available for purchase.

Aperture takes most of its content from Get To Work (obviously, as without this, the Science Career and Lot are not available) and Strangerville (for obvious reasons).  However, it is built on Vanilla bones and I have tried to keep extreme esoteric packs to a minimum (like Star Wars).  It also uses content from Eco Living and City Living since they supply a lot of the 70s and 80s aesthetic as well as the grungier looks that are needed, especially below ground.

The building is inspired by 80s industrial and corporate architecture, while the interiors definitely retain a late 70s, early 80s look to them.  Below the surface, the environment becomes darker and much dingier, with the exception of the Central AI chamber and the sparkling white Test Chambers.  Aperture’s facade fades quickly when below ground, as we can see the conditions in which most of the scientists were forced to work.  Many dark secrets are revealed the further down we progress and we can see how the Genetic Life and Disk Operating System controls life both below and above her expansive chamber.  This laboratory conducts experiments bordering on the inhumane, and we can see that not only were they jealously hoarding the brightest scientific minds, they were subjecting their own employees to testing and even more radical experiments.

They say the Personality Cores were once human… but that’s just a rumor. Right?

“Remember, the Aperture Science Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
is the perfect time to have her tested.” ~ GLaDOS, Portal

Aperture Science is currently available on the Gallery without CC.  The version with CC will be released on TSR soon.

Lot Information:

  • Type: Science Lab / Residential
  • Size: 50 x 50
  • Floors: 8
  • Beds: 17
  • Bedrooms: 7 (Relaxation Vault, Extended Relaxation Chamber, Cave, GLaDOS, Athletics Core, Librarian, Reclamation)
  • Suites: 3 (Extended Relaxation Chamber, Cave, GLaDOS)
  • Bathrooms: 11
  • Cost: $1,338,934
  • Additional:  Core Storage on Sublevel 1, GLaDOS Executive Suite on Sublevel 4, Cave Johnson’s Penthouse, Incineration Chamber (AKA Android Hell), Reclamation and Reassembly on Sublevel 4, Rattman’s Den on Sublevel 1, Cryogenics Chamber on Sublevel 1, Stanley’s Office on Floor 2.


  • Floor 1: Entrance Lobby and Waiting Room. Botanics Greenhouse 1. Waiting Room and Test Subject Intake.  Bathrooms.  Stairwell to All Floors and Entrance to Sublevel 1. Laboratory 1.  Botanics Lab 1.  Greenhouse. Observatory. Gatehouse. Parking Lot.
  • Floor 2: Stairwell to All Floors.  Employee Break Room and Deck.  Computer Lab and Cube Farm (from Blue Sky).  Stanley’s Office (from The Stanley Parable).
  • Floor 3: Medical Laboratory and Test Subject Testing. Stairwell to All Floors. Caroline’s Office and Waiting Room. Chemical Lab and Analysis.  Large Microscope.  Employee Gym and Changing Area.
  • Floor 4: Cave Johnson’s Office and Suite.


  • Sublevel 1: Relaxation Vault. Testing Chamber Observation offices. Cryogenic Storage. Rocket Access. Core Storage. Common Room. Bathroom. Gym. Locker Room. IT Offices. Doug Rattman’s Hideout.
  • Sublevel 2: Extended Relaxation Chamber.  Testing Chambers 1 and 2. GLaDOS Observation Office and Effects Control.  Server Room.  Surface Access Tunnel (Ladder Level 1). Stairwell from Sublevel 1 to 2.  Relaxation Chamber Access to Sublevel 3.
  • Sublevel 3: Central AI Chamber.  Stalemate Associate Access.  Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. Red Phone Room. Library. Access to GLaDOS’ apartments on Sublevel 4. Catwalks.  Flooded Basement.  Stairwell to Sublevel 2.
  • Sublevel 4: Flooded Basement Lower Level (bottom of pool).  GLaDOS’ Suite. Incinerator. Reclamation and Reassembly.  Ladder Access.

Additional Notes


Special Effects (Get Famous) equipment have been included in several areas. They can be controlled from the console in the GLaDOS observation deck on Sublevel 3.

They are: Incineration Chamber (3), GLaDOS (1 located inside the chassis, 1 over the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator), Testing Chamber 2, lower level above the exit (1), Flooded Basement, Sublevel 3 (3).  They should be set to ash with the console, then custom tuned as follows: GLaDOS should be tuned to Sparkles, Testing Chamber should be tuned to Confetti.  To custom tune them, locate the object: “Plumbob Pictures Special Effects”, then use the wheel in Live Mode to tune the specific effect.  All of the items can be tuned like this, but the Console makes setting the group effects easier.

Unfortunately, leaving the Event (Instanced area) tends to turn them off so it’s your choice as to whether you want to use them.  They tend to be hard to see, and they cannot be colorized, but they look like a set of pipes, more or less.

All other effects are automatic but can be turned on or off as normal.  This includes Pool and Fountain objects and Lights.


She is a compilation object created from several Build Mode and Building Cheats. They should not present any problem and the figure has loaded perfectly in testing and Game Play modes.  She contains the above mentioned Plumbob Pictures Special Effects apparatus, as well as a Lin-Z speaker behind her eye.  This can be easily operated by locating the Lin-Z object and using it as normal.  Her Eye and Eye Housing are Lights and can be adjusted according to your taste.


In the Science Lab Event, doors are not able to be locked (unfortunately).  Which means your Sims can path anywhere there’s a door.  If you use this lot as a Residential, it’s much easier to lock doors and keep Sims away from places they really shouldn’t be.

Incinerator Room:

This is a blingy room designed to simulate the Incinerator.  It’s just fun and Sims will not suffer any injury walking through it if they really want to.  I have masked the entrance with a warning tape fence, so they shouldn’t just traipse through it like an idiot, but you never know.  Sims, right?


There are secrets hidden throughout the Facility.  Most are to create moods and simulate elements from Portal and Portal 2.  Some are just fun, some are creepy and some are inside tributes to players and friends from Aperture Science MUX (Core Storage is one).  There are a few hidden things your Sims might find, so if you end up with some weird object in your Sim’s inventory and have no idea where they got it from, they probably found it in Aperture.

Test Chambers:

Test Chamber 01

This was a pain.  This game has really no way of replicating even simple physics puzzles so unfortunately the Test Chambers are just window dressing.  But they look good, don’t they?  This is also why I went ahead and dropped the idea of doing a set of Old Aperture Era chambers because they really are just set dressing and I was running out of room for gameplay related things (like proper pathing).



In this build are several loving tributes to Aperture Science MUX, a Role Playing Game I helped to run from 2011-2014.  The following places are directly from that game:

  • The Library and small Alcove behind GLaDOS’ chamber (Research Module’s space): Research was never as fancy as other Constructs.  She was just a Module, designed to Research and supply GLaDOS and the other facility computers with information.  She achieved Sentience by accident and ended up trapped in her library for an indeterminate amount of time, during which, it’s said, she ‘went peculiar’.
  • Reclamation and Reassembly (Tailor’s Domain): Reassembly is what happens when a Core is destroyed in Testing, or other ways.  And when you’re Reassembled, you end up here.  Tailor Core was designed to outfit reassembled androids and get them out and back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The Gym and Athletic Core’s Room (Atlas’ Domain):  The Athletics Core was a project designed to help employees stay fit (so they could work longer) and Atlas, an energetic, friendly Construct was built to help them.  He keeps a small room off his Gym and thinks Band Core is ‘pretty neat’.
  • The Locker Room (Band Core’s space):  The Locker Room was the first of the sealed rooms to be opened, when Band Core found herself awoken and slumped in the corner of this space.  It became her refuge and she returned to it even after she’d gotten a little room in Core Storage.
  • The Common Room: This was the first RP space for what eventually became ASM.  It was where every Defective Core eventually wandered into once the facility began to short out and people woke up.  Many Personality Cores achieved Sentience in this little space.  It was originally just a small break room for employees working below-ground.
  • The Closet (Decisive Core and Running Core’s Hideout):  Two of the Child Cores used this little closet to hide from people and plot.
  • IT (Information Technology’s general office): This was where the IT staff who primarily served the above-ground office complex worked. This was also the site of a particularly gruesome event (well two actually, the latter happened in RP) in which the entire IT staff was mysteriously massacred. (Anyone who’s worked in IT can relate to the state of this poor little office. Located in ‘the dungeon’ of many corporate offices is a space just like this.)
  • The Server Room (for IT):  This small room mainly houses the servers for the office area of the facility.  It was administered by the IT office above. (There really wasn’t room to include the server room for the entire facility as it took up a gigantic room below the Main Sublevel (Sublevel 4 in this build).
  • Core Storage:  The Personality Cores, particularly the defective ones, were stashed in this room.  In ASM it was a small area of little apartments, but due to space, I just stuck them all in here.

There were many more places I wanted to include but the space is too limited to add them all.  Some of them were: ASCC (the Facility’s Central Server Room), Paint and Compounding Laboratory (Paint Core’s Domain), Computer Science Division (aka ‘The Sanctum’), The Astrophysics Laboratories and Observatory, Main Fabrication and Development (Eve’s Domain), The Weapons and Turret Engineering Laboratories (Nina’s Domain), The Medical Laboratory (though there is one on Floor 2),

To download it now:

Aperture Science NOCC (SFS)

Aperture Science With CC (SFS)

Aperture Science Custom Content (optional):


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