Development Blog: Aperture Science Final Testing

Welcome, test subjects, to Aperture Science in Sims 4!

So last night, after pulling a seriously too long building session, I think I have a final build for the thing.  This monster is a complete ground-up rebuild of ‘Future Sims Science Lab’ from Get To Work.

It’s a 50 x 50 lot, since that’s the lot the Science Lab uses in its’ instanced world (called ‘Events’ in Sims 4).  Originally the plan was to try to replicate as much of the game environment as possible with the available lot space and the Vanilla game content.  I’d hoped to include areas from the MUX as well for aesthetics and fun since I built a major portion of ASM myself when the server was running.  That didn’t prove as feasible as I was hoping, due to the general limitations of Sims 4 itself (it’s a life simulation, not a first person physics puzzle game, nor is it a text-based RP engine).

I did get several rooms from ASM in for fun, as well as creating what I think, is a very Aperture experience for anyone who’s familiar with the games and the universe.  I made Portal and Portal 2 environments the priority and added in ASM elements as fun ways to round out the entire Science Lab (from Hell) Event.

Right now, I’m doing cleanup on everything, moving stuff back if Sims have moved it while testing (ha), adding a bucket of security cameras where they need to be, and considering if anything else should be included.  I’m doing some live testing in my build, but next step is to move it to an active game save and see how it works.  While I’m doing that, I’ll take beauty shots, etc and prepare the documentation for publishing.  It’ll probably hit the Gallery before I post it on TSR, not sure though.



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