Making Science! (work continues on Aperture)

I’ve gotten back to ‘Making Science’ functional. 😉  Work continues on the Aperture Science Laboratories build and it’s looking like about 75% finished at this rate.  When complete, Aperture can be used as a Science Lab or a (huge) Residential plot.  It currently has several rooms that can be used as bedrooms, one complete kitchen and a half-kitchen (in the Employee Break Area).  GLaDOS has her own chambers which will include a full apartment underneath the Central AI for GLaDOS sims to function in.

We currently have a full Science Lab on the main floors (aboveground), as well as both the starting rooms from Portal 1 and 2, 2 testing chambers (modern style), some observation areas, a Cryogenic storage facility with test subjects, IT and their server room (the scene of a horrible massacre in Aperture’s history… sorry IT people, Simon had it in for you), an Incinerator room (which was a huge pain to figure out), Reclaimation and Reassembly, along with the Tailor’s office.

There’s the Gym and Locker room as well as the central hub for all the poor Defective Cores: The Common Room (which was the first RP room in the CoreOC RP group on dA in 2011).  Research’s Library is tucked in a corner, as well as some secret escapes to the ground level for test subjects wanting to get away!

Many new rooms are from ASM as a homage to various friends and interesting characters from the Aperture Science MUX RPG that ran from 2011-2014.  I’m hoping to add more which would just increase the usefulness of the build as a Residential plot, if time and space allows.

Cave Johnson and GLaDOS

Some ideas for places I’d like to add: OldAp testing chambers, the main Sublevel aka Old Aperture (you’ve been there in game, it’s the area with the giant 70s ‘Aperture Logo’ crashed on the floor), The ASCC (the home of the Mainframe’s computers), some storage lockers, the Secret Shrine (which never made it into play on ASM but I did have fun creating it), Core Storage (a ‘hotel’ with about 10 Core bedrooms), The Canteen, Kitchen and Executive Lounge (Bernard’s digs) (along with the Employee Dorms), The Medical Bay, Artemis’ Workshop (she was a character whose player left early but her workshop got a lot of use before Tenacity and Eve began fixing people).  Nina’s Weapons Development lab, Fabrication/R&D (Eve and Sebastian’s labs), Computer Room 4 (another kind of infamous area. Simon really had it in for any computer employees who defied him).

The Sanctum.  Honestly, this one is very close to my heart as it was my area.  Tenacity Core and the Darksiders lived in this Lab which was originally Computer Research and Development, belonging to Aperture’s Head of Computer Science, Simon Quinlan. (It got the nickname ‘The Sanctum’ from other employees, and not for good reasons.  Simon was a petty dictator and psychopath.)   At this point, I doubt there will be room for a build like this, just as Fabrication and a few of the other large ASM locations like the Observatory and Astrophysics Labs (we had a Solar Telescope, people!) might not fit.

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