So I have tried out the new Star Wars pack for Sims 4.  I bought it mainly so Tenny could have a lightsaber and possibly the build buy objects might be useful in my Aperture build.  I brought Tenny and Alistair to Batuu to see what it was about, since Tenny is a huge Star Wars nerd.

Honestly, I felt like the place was a cheap imitation of SWTOR, which is a hell of a lot more fun to play with, especially since Tenny does have a lightsaber (two actually) in that game, it’s not really adding anything to Sims 4.   Looking around the world, I realize that you can’t do anything with the gameplay that is there, unless you’re running the Sim that initiated the Vacation event in the first place.  So Alistair quickly got bored and ran off to have a magic duel with Bill Cipher (Alistair kicked his triangular ass, btw) and left Tenny on his own (which Tenny was fine with).  Tenny hadn’t been the one who had initiated the Vacation, so he was stuck running around Batuu with nothing to do except slice consoles and dig in scrap piles.  Oh, and we start with no money.  I don’t mind that, but Tenny didn’t have a chance to even make money since he wasn’t able to do quests.

It’s really not why I play Sims, when it comes down to it. If I want to run quests, I’ll play SWTOR or FFXIV, both of which I have Tenny in.  I’ve never been particularly into the idea of introducing linear gameplay in the Sims, since it’s a simulator, not an RPG.  If Sims 4 had more of a sandbox style, such as Sims 3, it’d be better.

I’ve become increasingly irritated with the Sims 4, particularly the lack of customization in CAS and BB, as well as the lack of custom worlds and so forth.  It’s too simplified and I’m not alone when I say that it seems that Sims 4 is dumbing down the game with each DLC.  About the only thing I have really liked about Sims 4 is the improvement on the models and the textures for the Sims themselves.  They look more and more like Daz models and that’s always been a big draw for me with this game.

I haven’t stopped with my Aperture Science build, I’m just taking a break from it.

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