The Mystery Shack 1.8 Updated!

Have your Sims been wondering about all the mysterious happenings in your town? Well wonder no longer! Visit the World Famous Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls, Oregon! Move in an unsuspecting family or move the Pines Family themselves into your Mystery Shack!

Complete with the strange and oddly-placed rooms like the Hidden Room (aka The Carpet Room as seen in “Carpet Diem”, aka Ford’s Room) and Stan’s Office (as seen in “Double Dipper” and “Not What He Seems”).
And in the secret underground behind the hidden door in the Gift Shop, find Ford’s Mysterious Study (as seen in “Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons”, “The Last Mabelcorn”) and in the basement below, the Control Room (aka Ford’s Lab) and the notorious Portal Room (as seen in “Not What He Seems”, “The Last Mabelcorn”), with an actual Portal available for Alien contact!

Built in Newcrest on a 40×30 lot. This lot can be placed in any 40×30, I just used Newcrest because it was empty and easy to use. Please feel free to adjust the lot and decor however you’d like to make it fit into your world.

The lot was built as close to the show as possible, but I needed to make some adjustments to make it fit. Of course the house was originally designed for the show to be strange and TARDIS-like, so I did the best I could to figure out how to keep it as Mysterious as possible for your sims! Without elevators, I had to resort to hidden passages, but I think it does work alright! About the only part of it that I had to sacrifice was the entrance to the museum, which is on the right side of the Gift Shop in the show, but the museum actually is situated on the left side of the house.

The access to Wendy’s break area is from the second floor attic and the access to the Carpet Room is from the main floor and the room is situated in the first basement level, but it does have a lightbox to create the illusion of the room being on the first floor.

I turned the portal room/second basement level around so it would match up with Dipper’s falling into Ford’s control room/lab from the back porch area in “Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons”, thus creating a secret passage from the ‘stairwell/elevator access’ area. Most of these adjustments were for aesthetic reasons.

I placed an actual in-game-working Portal in front of the decorative ‘Portal’ so you can actually make contact with aliens!

The lot has been extensively tested in-game with my Pines family.

Please let me know what you think! This is my first Sims 4 lot that I have published!


Built in Sims 4 Digital Deluxe

All Expansions up to EcoLiving.

Please send questions or bug reports (as asks) to me at:

Mods used in construction:

testingcheats on

Bedrooms: 3   Beds: 5
Bathrooms: 3 (2 and a half baths)
Cost: $390,442
Lot Dimensions: 40×30

Download (Sims File Share)

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