“The Liberation of Flatland”

“The Liberation of Flatland”


Is a 2020 National Novel Writing Month project by Diranda (aka Tabitha Bradley).

It is a work in progress and is currently standing at approximately 2K as of this writing. 11/02/20

Set in a Flatland of the author’s own creation, built upon the original work by Edwin A. Abbott, this novel is influenced by the Flatland imagined by modern authors like Dionys Burger (Sphereland), Ian Stewart (Flatterland and The Annotated Flatland), modern filmmakers like Flat World Productions (Flatland: The Movie and Flatland 2: Sphereland) and Carl Sagan (Cosmos), our story follows a young William Sifras as he learns the dark Truth of his society and of the greater Multiverse.

Inspired by some of the great Mid-Twentieth-Century dystopian science fiction novels and media, as well as more modern dystopian fantasies, “The Liberation of Flatland” is an exploration into the darker aspects of Flatland as explained by Abbot’s author, Arthur Square, through the eye of Gravity Falls’ primary villain, 80 years later.  Though the elements of Math and Science are here, I will be exploring and expanding upon the more disturbing dystopian ideas as well.

Popular modern Gravity Falls Fanfiction authors have already tackled some of these elements in their stories and I hope to join some of the best in the genre with my own interpretation of the rise and fall of Bill Cipher.