Alistair Kendrick

Alistair Kendrick
Nickname: Lister

Alistair is a ‘bonafide demon’ as Bill puts it.

His colors are White, Lavender, Gray, Silver and black. He tends to prefer white with gray and black trim in his clothing, like the natural howlite stone he likes.

He’s a very old demon, having existed in the multiverse before most other sentient beings were created. Like the Great Void, Alistair has seen universes rise and fall.
He is a member of the ancient, antideluvian race called the Atae, and he is most definitely a Dark Atae. However, due to his great age and vast intelligence, he has been able to blend in and become a member of many powerful villainous groups over the millennia, Bill Cipher’s crazy retinue is only the latest in a string of crazy, chaotic adventures for the demon.

Hair: White / Silver
Eyes: Magenta / Violet (Eyes are larger than human, unless he’s trying to fit into humanoid groups)
Skintone: Pearl White / Olive
Build: Slender but athletic, leaning towards smoothly muscular
Height: 6’4 / 6’0 (when blending in)
Weight: 190-200 lbs
Race: Atae/Demon

Alistair has focused on Tiernan O’Rinn over the time he’s been involved with Bill Cipher and Gravity Falls.


“Skyfall” by Adele
“Sirius” & “Eye In The Sky”, APP


Bill was thoughtful. Strange for him, but Alistair rarely worried about his friend’s weird moods. Even so, this was pretty odd, even for Bill Cipher.

He reclined in an elegant, expensive armchair in Bill’s private chambers, legs kicked up over the armrest. This time he was in his preferred form, humanoid. Alistair was an Atae, one of the ancient Antedeluvian race that lesser mortal creatures called ‘the gods’. More precisely, he was what would technically called a ‘demon’. At any rate, Alistair’s humanoid form was svelte, handsome, charmingly wicked looking, all the things necessary for him to be as good at his job as he was. He wore his long, ice-blonde hair loose today, and had decided to streak it with blood-red in a few places. His slightly almond-shaped eyes were a slight bit overlarge for a human, but normal for a handful of other races, primarily those from the Fifth Quadrant. They were a shimmering shade of lavender, almost holographic in some light. And they were cat-slitted, just like Bill’s. His full lips were curved in a wide, Cheshire-cat grin as he watched Bill being contemplative.

“What’s going through that brilliant angle of yours, kid?”

Bill glanced over at him. After a moment, the Triangle chuckled. “Oh, just thinking about Florimel Pines,” he said. “Pretty little thing. She will be exactly what I need to get out of here.”

“Yeah? She smart enough for you?”

Bill nodded. “Incredibly,” he said. “She’s too smart for her own good. And what’s more, she’s so insecure it’s hilarious. She’s so easily manipulated it’s almost sad.”

~The Journals of Florimel Pines, Chapter Three

Alistair was annoyed.

He paced his own apartments, arms tightly behind his back, eye frowning as he grumbled to himself.

He hated feeling this way, hated being taunted by the other, lesser demons about his preoccupation with Bill’s new protégé, hated feeling as though his power and influence over Bill was… waning. The longer the Triangle spent with the girl, the more Alistair was losing in the long run. Normally, he’d just make the problem go away, but this wasn’t a normal situation at all. He couldn’t kill the Pines woman, since they actually did need her to complete the gateway so that they could leave the Nightmare Realm before it disintegrated completely.

He paused, snapped his fingers and a glass of wine appeared between them. He sipped as he brooded. Sure, he was jealous, he’d accepted that. Sure, the woman was quite attractive and if things had been different, he might have decided to play with her himself. That wasn’t the problem anymore. In his mind, Bill had always been his, even if Bill thought he was the dominant one in their relationship. Alistair never minded playing lieutenant to Bill, that was fun and he enjoyed watching the Triangle come into his own as a legitimate demon, just like every other initiate he’d collected for Them.

When They exiled Bill and Alistair, he didn’t even care, since Bill was his and he was the best of all of his apprentices. Alistair knew Bill could become a threat to Them and it didn’t scare him one bit. In fact, he welcomed the idea that finally someone could overthrow the Atae, break their stranglehold on reality and change the Multiverse for the better (at least better for Alistair, Bill and their friends).

Not then, at any rate.

Now, however… if Bill were to discard Alistair in favor of this Earth woman…

Alistair growled under his breath. He wouldn’t let that happen. No matter what he had to do.

~The Journals of Florimel Pines, Chapter 5 (unpublished)