Alistair tells me I CAN’T cipher and expect most mundane meatbags to UNDERSTAND ME!  He’s such a Fuddy Duddy!  GEEZE!

Also, apparently quoting lyrics is ‘so last century’.  What does he know?  He slept through the 90s.


Since Sixer has a blog on this weird Dirandan girl’s website, I WANTED one too!  Not like she can STOP me… AHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Apparently typing in ALL CAPS isn’t okay either according to Alistair… guy needs to take a page outta his buddy Alastor’s book… seriously, since when are us former mortals teaching Born-Demons stuff?  I mean really?

So, as you can see, I like music and I gotta lot more where that list came from.  One thing you humans seem to do really well is make some damn fine tunes!  See, Once Upon A Time, I was a musician by trade, a pianist of some small renown, y’see.  Course, that was pushin’ it for a Triangle, even though it was kinda accepted back in ol’ Land of the Flat Dreams.  I really wanted to be a Scientist.   Yeah.  Not for me.  Not allowed.  I think they were afraid I’d bump into some stupid Pentagon an’ poke a hole in ’em in the lab or something.  Heh.  Now THAT’D be funny!

(And if Diranda posts somethin’ by me, just chalk it up to me possessing her!  Y’know, like that Alex guy… HEH, that was fun!)

Anyway, though this Journal I’m gonna let you know some stuff about me, since all the kids seem to want to know.  So let’s start with the music stuff.  In Gravity Falls, (at least in Florimel’s Gravity Falls) I had a music store for a bit.  It was just a front to get some dirt on the people in the town, especially that Fiddleford and the Irish guy and that cute Librarian, but it was fun.  I didn’t expect to have fun being a businessman of all things!  Triangles are supposed to be the merchants and all, and that’s what my Dad was, but I NEVER wanted to do that.  I mean, in some realities, I was, and I was damn good at it if I do say so MYSELVES.  I’m probably a better con-man than Ol’Sally (or Stanley).  I was lucky I was good on the piano, to be honest.  I bypassed that.  It also helped that my music caught the attention of the higher-ups like the Chief Circle and his cronies.  Course, that’s also kinda part of how I ended up the way I did.   I’ll probably elaborate on that sometime.  I know Diranda put some of my history up on this thing for me already, but I’d rather tell the story myself.

Kinda want to set the record straight and all.  AND yeah.  I’M BACK.

Don’t tell Sixer yet though!  I wanna SURPRISE her!


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