The 1980s Irish pub in Gravity Falls is named ‘O’Gradys’ (later in the 2000s it is named O’Doells (canon).  This is a direct nod to fellow fanfic writer William Easley, prolific author of an epic WenDip series.  The pub is named after one of his original characters, Ticknor Keevan O’Grady, a young Irish man who is a good friend of Mabel especially.  (I love Teek, and thought it would be neat to have the 80s version of the Irish pub named after him!)

The Nightgown in Question (Chapter 6) In chapter 6 of ‘The Journals of Florimel Pines’, Flora awakens in a new nightgown, in yellow.  This link is essentially the same nightgown in a yellow color.  This was a common, modest style from the 1970s-80s and fits Flora’s style (but definitely not Bill’s).