The 1980s Irish pub in Gravity Falls is named ‘O’Gradys’ (later in the 2000s it is named O’Doells (canon).  This is a direct nod to fellow fanfic writer William Easley, prolific author of an epic WenDip series.  The pub is named after one of his original characters, Ticknor Keevan O’Grady, a young Irish man who is a good friend of Mabel especially.  (I love Teek, and thought it would be neat to have the 80s version of the Irish pub named after him!)

“A Tale of Two Stans” Ford’s Strange Happenings Map showing Paranormal-free West Virginia!

Gravity Falls, West Virginia is in one of the real-life supernatural hotspots in the country. The Mothman, the Grafton Monster and the mysterious happenings in Port Pleasant are just a few of the paranormal events that have occurred in West Virginia.  ‘Wild, Wonderful West Virginia’ is home to the Trans-Allegneny Lunatic Asylum (a popular Ghost Hunting location) as well as the retired secret governmental bunker under the Greenbriar Resort, in White Sulphur Spring.  The phrase, “Wild, Wonderful, Weird West Virginia” is a common affectionate nickname for the little Mountain state.  (Moving here made the place a natural for Flora’s Gravity Falls!)  Oddly enough, Stanford Pines never marked the state on his map as having any supernatural activity, yet he has declared that the Mothman owes him money! (canon sources: A Tale of Two Stans, Lost Legends)