Everything that’s currently available (and not directly linked below) can be accessed on my Google Docs,  Archive of Our Own or (but I no longer actively update there). 
Covers for the stories can be seen here: Cover Art.


The Journals of Florimel Pines (The story of how Flora met Bill and what happened next)
The Summer of Weirdmageddon (2012)
The Liberation of Flatland (William Sifras’ origin story) This is my 2020 NaNoWriMo novel.

Short Stories 

“One More For The Road” (Present Day, Mystic Falls)
“One Small Good Deed” (Follow up to One More For The Road)

“Love Story” (not in the current continuity, an old Flora and Sally story)
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (another not in the current continuity, an old BillFlora story)

Other Works of Fiction in Other Alternate Universes

Shadow Falls
(the author’s Gravity Falls BillFord/Stanchez universe: Dark Canon)
“The Statue in the Forest”(What happened after Ford and Stan returned home) Ongoing
“The Sanchez Problem”  (Set during Ford and Fiddleford’s college years) Ongoing

Other Authors’ Universes
“The Afterlife of Liam Cipher”  (set in PengyChan’s ‘Flat Dreams’ AU, a story of an alternative fate for Bill’s beloved Irregular brother, Liam. Written with permission.) Ongoing

Other Works of Original Fiction
The Dirandan Chronicles (original science fantasy universe created by the author (penname Tabitha Bradley). Elements appear in both Mystic Pines and Shadow Falls.)  Currently Unavailable (may be available via a search under Tabitha Bradley or Diranda)