Character List

The Residents of Gravity Falls

Wendy Corduroy (cashier, Mystery Shack 2011-2012; Assistant Manager, Mystery Shack 2012-Present)
Jesus ‘Soos’ Ramirez (the Handyman of the Apocalypse; handyman, Mystery Shack 2002-2012; Owner/Mr Mystery 2012-Present)

Dr. Fiddleford Hadron McGucket (of the McGuckets of Hillforest, Tennessee)

Gideon Gleeful (former ‘town darling’; child preacher/psychic: ‘Tent of Telepathy’)
Pacifica Northwest

Dr. Tiernan O’Rinn, MD, PhD (of the Quinlans of Dublin, Ireland)

Bud Gleeful (Owner Gleeful’s Auto Sale; Manager, ‘Tent of Telepathy’; Gideon’s personal manager/agent)
Mayellen Gleeful (Bud’s wife, Gideon’s mother)
Tate McGucket (Park Ranger; Fiddleford’s estranged son)
Tad Strange (Barbershop)
Pilar ‘Abuelita’ Ramirez (Soos’ Grandmother; School Nurse, GF High School 1990-2004)

Lily Valerian-Blackthorne (Librarian 1975-1999; High School Librarian 2000-Present)
James Blackthorne (Owner, Mantis Men Exterminating)

Susan Wentworth ‘Lazy Susan’ (Waitress, Greasy’s Diner; President, Cat Lovers’ Society, Gravity Falls Branch)

Daniel Corduroy (Owner, Corduroy Builders and Framers; Lumberjack for Northwest Timber Company)
Mrs. Leslie Blurble-Corduroy (deceased)
Marcus Corduroy (eldest brother)
Kevin Corduroy (middle brother)
Gus Corduroy (youngest brother)

Martin’s best friends
Candy Chiu
Grenda Gwerder

Wendy’s Friends
Leon Thompson
Robert ‘Robbie’ Valentine

Gravity Falls High School

Dr. Isabelle St. Clair (Principal 2000-Present)
Dr. Janene Baker (Director of Music 1981-Present)
Dr. Tiernan O’Rinn (Science Department Director; Instructor: Computer Science, Physics and Astrophysics; Science Club Facilitator 1993-Present)
Lily Blackthorne (Library Department Director; School Librarian; Instructor: Research for College; Book Club Facilitator, 2000-Present)
Sebastian Valerian (Art Department Director: Instructor: 3d Modeling, Traditional Sculpture and Art History 2000-Present)
Atlas Greenbriar (Physical Education Department Director; Instructor: Physical Education, Track and Field; Coach: Baseball, Track and Field, Swim Team  2001-Present)
Dr. Narayan Sarin (Instructor: Geology, Bellwether Science (Freshmen); Geology Club Facilitator, Science Club Assistant Facilitator 2011-Present)

Wendy Corduroy
Leon Thompson
Robert ‘Robbie’ Valentine

Dr. O’Rinn’s Science Club (2010-Present)
Freya Williams-Baker (Janene’s adopted daughter)

Nina Williams-Baker (Janene’s adopted daughter)
Emily O’Rinn (Tenny’s adopted daughter)
(Quiet & Running)
Adrien Tharakan

The Friends of Gravity Falls

Richard Sanchez (of Seattle, Washington)
Melody Powers (Soos’ girlfriend from Portland)
Emma-May Dixon-McGucket (Fiddleford’s ex-wife; Tate’s mother. Originally of Hillforest, Tennessee; later Palo-Alto, California)

The Multiverse

The Denizens of the Nightmare Realm
William Sifras AKA Bill Cipher

Alistair Kendrick

The Atae
The Empress

Time Baby

The True Neutral
The Axolotl

The Dirandans (Directorate, Regency and the Arcadians) AKA Dimension 57
Alexandra T’Kayn (Arcadian)

Gaston VonTesmar
Samuel VonTesmar
Asher VonTesmar
Taggart Riordan (Regency)
March Tramani

The Rysusi Legion
Jeron Silstrun

Damon Ziomar
Rigel Deka

The Sentients of Diranda
Matrosian Prime AKA The Oracle

Matrosian Nova

Vendalli’s Resort and Casino / The Singularity
Joshua Wetfire