Mystic Pines Canon

An ongoing document of the canon for the ‘Mystic Pines’ Alternative Universe, including differences from the standard canon from the show.

Dimension: 43’\(canon: 46’\)

Mount Blackmore University, Mt. Blackmore, Bozeman, MontanaBackUpsMore(canon: Backupsmore)

    The college, of course, was really named Mount Blackmore University but everyone, even the professors, tended to call it by its nickname, ‘BackUpsMore’, since it ended up being the ‘safety school’ for many science students who were hoping for better scholarships.  Places like West Coast Tech and East Coast Institute of Technology in particular.  It seemed that if you couldn’t afford or manage a scholarship to the Premier Technical schools in the States, you ended up at ‘BackUpsMore’. 
    Stanford’s chance at a scholarship was ruined, which was why he was here.  His roomie Fiddleford was here because it was the best his family could afford, which was why Fidds was generally thrilled to be there.
    Ford wasn’t so thrilled.
    Blackmore had some very good professors, as Ford learned.  Quickly, Ford felt bad for disparaging the university in his journal.  Chastened, he set himself to working hard to show his professors that they weren’t teaching him in vain.  He was acting silly, Fidds was fond of saying as he wandered to bed, leaving Stanford studying furiously in the living room, the only other noise soft classical music drifting from Fiddleford’s prized transistor radio.
    So it was a genuine mystery when
Richard Sanchez showed up in Ford’s astrophysics class one day. 
    –from “The Sanchez Problem”, short story (Shadow Falls AU (BillFord), by the author

Modoc’s People: Chinook, the ‘Mystic Valley People’ (a GF area subtribe of the Chinook, ‘Modoc’ was actually considered a kind of crazy-man, rather than a legit shaman for the tribe) (canon: Chinook (Journal 3))

The Pines of New Jersey

  • Sherman Stanley Pines “Shermy” (marine who died during the Middle East Conflict in the late 70s)
  • Filbrick ‘Fil/Phil’ Pines (Phil died in the early 90s of a heart issue)
  • Moyra Caryn Wolford-Pines (Moyra is still around in the 2012, living in Sun City, Arizona.)
  • Moyra Wolford Pines (their youngest child, the baby.  She’s a novelist, living in Phoenix, to be close to her mama.)

Filbrick ‘Fil’ (aka ‘Phil’) Pines: Stern, quiet, not easily moved, Filbrick ‘Fil’ was a philosophical Jewish (not practicing) businessman, owner of a pawn shop: Pines Pawns.  From a non-practicing Jewish family with ties to the Old World, specifically Lithuania.  Has been merchants (not always completely legitimate) of some sort since they came to the US in 1867.  Phil enjoyed boxing, not only watching it, but practicing it.  He viewed boxing as the most complete physical training a man (or anyone!) could practice.  He pressed his sister to learn to box, as well as his own children, regardless of sex.  He actually was not very sexist, though most people don’t believe it.  He viewed his children by their abilities, not their sex.  He was not impressed by much.  Except Moyra.  She stunned and entranced him.

Moyra ‘Moy’, ‘Rah’ Wolford-Pines: Pretty, mystical young Irish Catholic immigrant.  Family moved from Ireland in during the mass immigration during the famine.  Psychic since childhood, taught tarot and various other ‘gypsy’ arts by her Irish grandmother, Florimel (who was named after the fictional fairy).  ‘Moy’ is a skilled psychic, but has never let her children know this. This is how she has been able to make a living for herself, independent of her husband’s business.  Sally believes Moy is a pathological liar.  Flora isn’t so sure about that.  

    Phil and Moy met in New Jersey, where both their families have settled for the time being.  Moy’s family is from the Appalachians and Fil’s from the New York/New Jersey area.  Moy’s family is in fact related to the ‘famous’ McCoys, however her little family relocated to New Jersey in the beginning of the 19th Century.  Moy was mysterious and lovely and mystical and Phil was enchanted.  He fell hard and fast for the lovely, dark-haired Irish beauty.  She didn’t seem to have a problem with his less-than-legal business tactics sometimes, in fact seeming to learn quickly and pick up some of his own cleverness to use herself.  This only enchanted him further and eventually they ran to the local justice of the peace to get married.  Neither family was particularly thrilled about the lack of a church/temple wedding, but since neither family was devout, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  (Considering one child was a tarot-reader and the other was a pawn-shop owner, it’s not surprising.)