Mystic Pines, What is it?

Mystic Pines is a Gravity Falls AU (Alternate Universe) in which both Pines Twins are genderswapped. This means Mason: Madge, Mabel: Martin, Stan: Sally and Ford: Flora.
So far, everyone else is canon (this may change, not sure).

Sarina Florimel Pines, ‘Flora’
Sarah ‘Sally’ Anne Pines
Madge ‘Dipper’ Pines
Martin ‘Marty’ Pines

(Art by: VintageCassettes (Flora), Unknown (Sally, Dipper), Taco8998 (Marty)

Welcome to Mystic Falls

This site will be the main location for any and all information regarding the Gravity Falls Fanfiction AU (Alternate Universe), “Mystic Falls” by Diranda (me).
I plan to have my, my Ao3 and my YouTube cosplay accounts link here, as well as the in-character blogs and the character pages for the main, original and guest crossover characters who appear in the universe.

This is still in the process of being built, but I have begun Florimel’s blog (Fem!Ford Pines) and am working on my cosplay site at YouTube. My main website, Diranda Studios, where my original and professional content is linked, is here:, which is also just getting restarted as well!