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I’m not sure why but Dipper mentioned that it would be a good idea to keep my journals on-line. It does seem to make sense, since this way we can keep each other up to date on what’s going on, while she’s at University (she’s at Blackmore at the moment). So I thought I might record my most recent experience since Sally and I returned from the Arctic.

I was visiting my old friends Fiddleford McGucket and Tiernan O’Rinn at the Irish pub we loved years ago and Tenny pointed out that one of his students reported seeing something in the woods near the High School. So after a couple of Guinness, we decided to plan an expedition to investigate this mysterious apparition. Alistair (Tiernan’s husband) argued against it, which I have no idea why he’d say such a thing, seeing as he was a demon once but Tenny glared at him and amazingly, he shut his mouth. It’s rare to see Tiernan ‘pull a Simon’ (as we say) on anyone, let alone Alistair.

Sally thinks it’s funny, but she would.

I suppose I ought to explain. Dr Tiernan O’Rinn was the town doctor in 1980 (to 1998, I think). He’s currently the Physics and Astronomy teacher at the High School (a job I would not want!). Alistair Kendrick is an ex-demon who used to work for William and we do not care for each other. That’s never changed, though Tenny tells me it’s because Alistair was infatuated with William when he met me. However, Alistair still socializes with us, so I don’t even know… (Ngh.)
Oh, and Simon is Tiernan’s twin brother, Dr. Simon Quinlan. He works for Aperture Science Laboratories in Michigan. He’s an ass. Tiernan doesn’t use his family name since he very much dislikes his brother and his father, for reasons I don’t want to get into on-line. I suppose, if Tenny writes his on web journal, he may mention.

Anyone who has lived here long enough knows Fidds, who was my dearest friend from University. He’s the most brilliant man I know (Rick Sanchez can fight me on that if he even reads this). He’s been the sweetest and closest friend I’ve had since I returned and he and Tenny have ended up best buddies as well. (Tenny has taken it upon himself to try and find a companion for Fiddleford but I’m not sure he’s quite interested.) Fiddleford has been recently getting to know his son, Tate and has been enjoying establishing a relationship with him, which has been making him very happy. Tate McGucket is a hard man to get to know but I think it’s made him happier than anyone has seen him in a very long time. He’s at the house pretty much every time I visit Fidds, though he has never taken his father up on his offer to move in to the giant place. It’s a slow process, but there was a very long time between the divorce, the death of his mother and Fiddleford finally regaining his sanity. I regret everything I did to cause that and I doubt Tate will forgive me. If he never does, I understand. It’s difficult being around him, but I acknowledge my responsibility and Fidds understands. He tells me things from time to time, things that Tate is slowly explaining to him. I believe they’re seeing a therapist as well. (Sally tells me I need to do the same.)

Dipper is my great-niece (she’s a Great Niece!) and visited Gravity Falls in 2012 when Sally was able to bring me home from the Multiverse. Of course 2012 is when Weirdmageddon also occurred. She and her twin brother Martin were twelve at the time. She’s now in University and decided to go to Blackmore (we always called it ‘BackUpsMore’) even though she could have gone anywhere else she wanted, including WVU, ASU, MIT and CalTech. She’s a wonderfully weird child.

More later,
Florimel Pines

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