This page will be links to my fiction that is currently available online.  This includes fanfiction as well as my original writing.


This now links to my Fanfiction page, with updated links.  (I have since removed most of my fiction from A03 and

Original Fiction

Dirandan Chronicles

As of this date, there are no Dirandan Chronicles works online.  The books were retired from publication in 2011.  I am in the process of revising them for future publication with a different publisher.  However, the books were published under my psudonym Tabitha Bradley and there may still be versions of them still online in some capacity (, Barnes and Noble, Sony, other places may still have them up for sale, though my former publisher, Renaissance E-Books, told me they have been taken down).  If you’re desperate to read the old versions, see if someone’s bundled them in a torrent <snerk>.  I’d really advise not though, since I’ve since done major revisions (especially to Peacekeeper).

Watch this site for news.  They will be available again, eventually.