This page lists all the current fiction related projects I’m working on.

Some of these stories are available online and those that are have links.  Some of them are works in progress (wip) and will be available at a later date.

Dirandan Chronicles (Original Universe)

“Reylian Orb” cover art by Diranda

The Dirandan Chronicles: The Flagship Science Fiction Romance Series of Diranda Studios
(Reylian and Peacekeeper were originally published under various titles (by Renaissance E-Books & eXtasy Books) under my pseudonym: Tabitha Bradley. I am currently working on re-releasing this series.)

  • The Misadventures of Alex T’Kayn (wip): Treasure Hunter Alexandra T’Kayn makes her name in the Fifth Quadrant, hunting treasure and making enemies of the powerful Rysusi Legion and the Prince of Diranda, rival hunter Gaston VonTesmar.
  • The Reylian Orb: Alex T’Kayn and Gaston VonTesmar compete for a treasure hunting find and Jeron Silstrun plots to destroy them.
  • Peacekeeper: The Prince of Diranda, Gaston VonTesmar, must descend into true villainy to save the Directorate from his evil father, Asher.
  • Riven (wip): On the eve of the invasion of the Directorate by Jeron Silstrun and the Legion, Alex, Gaston and their friends fight to save their world and people.

Alternate Universes (Fanfiction)

Art by MapleSpyder

Gravity Falls/Dirandan Chronicles:

  • The Journals of Florimel Pines: an alternate universe story, featuring the events leading up to the creation of the Universe portal by a young scientist, Florimel Pines. (Mystic Falls Universe/Dirandan Chronicles)
  • The Liberation of Flatland: the story of one of the Multiverse’s greatest villains, the Dream Demon Bill Cipher and how he ‘liberated’ his dimension from the despotic regime that ruled it. ( Link) (Liberation Proto-verse/Dirandan Chronicles)
  • One More For The Road & One Small Good Deed: a modern set of stories concerning the fate of Bill Cipher, as he confronts the family who finally destroyed him. (Mystic Falls Universe)
  • The Statue in the Forest: Stanford Pines finds it difficult to forget about the Dream Demon that nearly destroyed his life. (Shadow Falls Universe)


Gravity Falls/Flat Dreams by PengyChan:

  • The Afterlife of Liam Cipher: Inspired by PengyChan’s “Flat Dreams”, this story explores the possibility that Bill Cipher’s Irregular brother, Liam, survived.

Doctor Who/Dirandan Chronicles:

  • The Doctor and the Princess: On the threshold of his eleventh regeneration, the Tenth Doctor finds an alternate dimension version of Gaston VonTesmar: Rowan VonTesmar and helps her with a universe-changing decision. (Doctor Who 2005/Dirandan Chronicles)

Portal 2:

  • A Trusted Friend In Science (Tenacity Core’s story)
  • Regret (a short story based in the Portal 2 RP universe)