This page lists all the current fan fiction related projects I’m working on with links to where they can be read.

Art by MapleSpyder

Gravity Falls:

  • The Journals of Florimel Pines: an alternate universe story, featuring the events leading up to the creation of the Universe portal by a young scientist, Florimel Pines.
  • The Liberation of Flatland: the story of one of the Multiverse’s greatest villains, the Dream Demon Bill Cipher and how he ‘liberated’ his dimension from the despotic regime that ruled it.
  • One More For The Road, One Small Good Deed: a modern set of stories concerning the fate of Bill Cipher, as he confronts the family who finally destroyed him.




Tenacity and Paint Core by VintageCassettes
Tenacity and Paint Core by VintageCassettes


  • A Trusted Friend In Science:  a post-ASM (Aperture Science MUX) story, the Tenacity Core explores the depths of Aperture Science after most of the other Cores who were his friends and enemies have left.
  • Regret:  (ASM-era 2011) a short story relating the events that occurred after Tenacity Core was captured by the Black Mesa Virus-infected Eve and Medical Core.  (response to RP)