This is a list of the books, short stories and articles that I had published from 2004-2016 under the pseudonym Tabitha Bradley.  Professionally, I am a science-fiction romance author, who also worked in erotica.
In the future, I do not plan to continue to use the pseudonym nor do I plan to write further in the erotica genre.

Renaissance E-Books

Renaissance was the first publisher of my work.  They bought Arcadia and agreed to publish further work in the setting on the condition that I concurrently produce erotica. The later works ended up having erotica content since the publisher was primarily erotica and they explained that my work would not be promoted unless it contained erotica content.

Dirandan Chronicles

  • Arcadia: The SF Adventure of a World at Bay (2004) (non-erotica)
  • Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant (2004) (2004 Dream Realm Award) (non-erotica)
  • The Misadventures of Alex T’Kayn, Treasure Hunter (2005) (erotica)
  • The Reylian Orb (published as “Dark Captives”) (2011)
  • Peacekeeper (Second Edition: Renaissance 2006) (republished as “Dark Prince’s Gambit” and “Dark Prince’s Vengeance”)

Erotica Collections
(these collections were released primarily because the publisher insisted; they kept my serious SF on the catalog. I’m not particularly proud of any of these, they don’t show my ability well.)

  • Ravished (2004) (the first collection of erotica the publisher commissioned)
  • Enticed (2004) (the second commissioned collection)
  • Seduction (2006) (Renassance’s collection of previously published short erotica)
  • Taken (2011) (A short-lived collection of erotica Renaissance insisted on)

eXtasy Books

eXtasy is primarily an erotica publisher.  They bought Peacekeeper when I was looking for another publisher who might want to handle the Dirandan Chronicles series better.  In a later edition, the name of Peacekeeper was changed to “Peacekeeper’s Passion” and marketed as erotica.  Like Renaissance, they insisted on erotica content in all of my work with them.

  • Peacekeeper (aka “Peacekeeper’s Passion”) (First Edition: eXtasy Books 2005)(Finalist, 2005 EPPIEs: Science Fiction)
  • Daughter of the Shadows (2005)
  • Once In A Blue Moon (2008) (first edition)  (A short lived publication of this novel)

Loose Id Books

Loose Id Books was a Romance publisher that closed its doors in 2017.  They were very willing to take over the Dirandan Chronicles but unfortunately, the publisher closed before that could happen.  This was a good publisher and I wish I’d been able to work more with them.  They were very happy to publish “Once In A Blue Moon”, however and I find myself quite sad that I wasn’t able to give them my other books before they shut down.

  • Once In A Blue Moon (2016) (the novel-length romantic comedy based on the short story “Once In A Blue Moon”)

Short Stories

“The Abyss” was a writer-published collection of Dark Romance.  This group of writers invited me to contribute some original short stories and the book was quite popular within the communities of Romance readers and writers.  eXtasy’s short stories were primarily produced by the publisher’s writers’ bullpen and Daughter of The Shadows was the result of a closed submission call.

  • Once In A Blue Moon (2004) (Published in “The Abyss”)
  • A Walk On The Beach (2004) (Published in “The Abyss”)
  • Daughter of the Shadows (2005) (eXtasy Books)


I have written several articles on Pagan subjects for Llewellyn Books and a small ebook publisher.  All of these have been published in electronic and print media.

  • What is Wicca? (2005) (published by
Llewellyn Annuals (some dates are actual acceptance dates, not date of publication)
  • Wicca Without Tools (2006)
  • Sacred Bread: August, 2009 Witches Calendar (2009)
  • Portable Altars (2010)
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of Medicine (2010)
  • Scrapbooking Your BOS: 2012 Witches Datebook (2012)
  • Living Harmoniously With Non-Pagans: 2012 Witches Almanac (2012)


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