Well, I got the idea to get in and update the site, since it’s my primary point of contact for the network I’m building with my themed blogs (Stormraven’s Sims, Mystic Pines, Leiptr and the character blogs I’m working on). I have also been putting off rebuilding the Dirandan Chronicles site (which will be The Dirandan Information Centre).
I have more planned, but right now I’ve gotten enough pages online to start out with.
This site is my primary journal, but there will be a professional blog when I get DC re-published, since it seems to make sense to have the author site separate from the Journal.
I have a gallery page here, but most of my artwork is already on my DeviantArt page and my Renderosity pages (though I haven’t been on Rendo for a few years as I don’t do DAZ anymore). My Sims 4 work is on Stormraven’s Sims page and my TSR page.

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