More updates!

Arcadia Cover by Matthew Kammert

So I added the new Mystic Pines portraits Vintage did into the gallery, as well as select pictures from my friends, including Nina The Pink and Matt Kammert.  I added a site map as well as a section in the Links page for the writing tools I use.

We can look forward to the addition of the official Dirandan Chronicles universe weblog and the Tabitha Bradley author site as well.  I have been working on Mystic Pines and some great new additions in notes and worldbuilding.

I plan to add a site for Shadow Falls (my main universe GF AU with Ford, Stan and the kids) as well as one for The Afterlife of Liam Cipher, a popular fanfiction I’m working on based on PengyChan’s Flat Dreams universe (GF AU).

I also am planning a site for Tiernan since he ends up in several different AUs and a site for my favorite artist (and best girl-child) VintageCassettes.