Diranda Studios is back!

Hello all, welcome back to the new and improved Diranda Studios. I’m still working on the site in between classes, but I plan to get the main site back online, as well as Diranda-specific content, my Gravity Falls related content, cosplay/cmv/YT channel stuff, gaming and more.

In addition, I will be writing more about my newest adventure, my return to college!

I’m pursuing a PhD in Physics and am starting at the very beginning, with my Associate of Science at community college. I do still plan to write, but I believe having school to focus on will help me to be able to write better and more often (don’t ask me to explain–it’ll bore you stiff).

So please check back often for more information and updates!


  1. Just wondering if we went to school together. I went to Knox indiana. And a girl named Tabitha Bradley was one of my friends and we wrote some power ranger fan fiction. I was kind of an ass and would like to apologize for that but always wondered if she ever became a writer. If it’s not you could you please appease my curiosity and let me know if it’s you or not I’d appreciate it thanks.


    1. Wow, sorry hon. I’ve never been to Indiana. Tabitha Bradley is a pseudonym.


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