About Me

Online Handle: Diranda Stormraven, Diranda, Stormraven523

Pen name: Tabitha Bradley

Argon Labs Gaming Clan: Titanium

Profession: Author, web designer, artist, gamer, coder

I’ve been on the internet since 95, and have run a handful of websites including Bubastis, The Dirandan Information Centre and Diranda Studios.  I’m an author and have written a number of electronic books in the science fiction and fantasy genres.  I am also the author of several articles for Llewellyn Annuals.

When I was in publishing, I received the Dream Realm award for my anthology Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant, as well as being a finalist for the 2006 EPPIEs in the Science Fiction category for Peacekeeper.

As an artist, I create amigurumi soft sculptures with crochet and have worked with digital art, including Daz Studio.

I’m a gamer, which includes computer games as well as Warhammer 40 and tabletop RPGs.  I ran Aperture Science MUX from 2011-14 and was a Feature player on Patternfall MUSH in the 90s.

My hobbies include cosplay, crochet, research (anything that interests me) and classic computing history (especially anything in the 90s, when computers were really beginning to grow up).

Contact Information (Professional Inquiries Only): diranda at gmail.com
Contact VintageCassettes through Diranda.

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