Archive of Our Own Visitors, Welcome

New visitors from my pages on Archive, welcome to Diranda Studios (  I’m going to be posting more information as I get this site going again. My hope is to create a couple of different destinations for the fiction I’ll be posting on AO3.  I’m thinking about giving Liam his own blogsite for instance, as well as for Ford and possibly even Florimel.

Please stick close by and I will definitely keep everyone up to date on what I’m currently working on and what I have planned for the future!




Regenerating Diranda Studios

ic_iconOver time, this site has undergone many, many transformations.  The first Diranda Studios site went online in 1995 under the name “The Dirandan Information Centre” (aka the DIC).  It’s found its way finally to its own domain name and this current incarnation as main site of the Diranda Studios WordPress Blog Network.

Though Tabitha Bradley (my professional psudonym) is now officially semi-retired, I am still keeping Diranda Studios up with all the Tabitha Bradley/Dirandan Chronicles information, including any news regarding the DC, my art, my personal journals and any potential new fiction I come up with (there are things in the works which will probably be released under my own name).